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Affordable Care That Blends Faith & Play-Based Learning

Preschool & Childcare Center Serving East Anaheim, West Anaheim, Chino & West Garden Grove, CA

Welcome to Shine Preschool Center, where affordability meets excellence in a faith-based environment. Established in 2019, our journey began with a mission to provide accessible, high-quality education in collaboration with local churches.

Our founders, a husband-and-wife team with two kids of their own, intimately understand the financial commitments parents face. With a deep belief that every child deserves an excellent education, they envisioned a center that offered affordability while upholding the same opportunities for every child.
At Shine, we’ve strategically partnered with local churches, using their unused classrooms during business hours. This unique approach allows us to offer incredibly affordable care, setting us apart with the lowest tuition rates in the county.
Our commitment extends beyond affordability. We value teachers, ensuring they have more classroom freedom and access to state-approved curriculums. This culture of support enhances the learning environment for both educators and children.
Driven by faith, Shine fosters the importance of community. We provide education and care in a nurturing space where children thrive spiritually, academically, and socially.

An Affordable, Fun, Faith-Based Center Where Every Child Shines

Teachers recognize the significance of integrating fun into learning. Each day, your child’s lessons blend innovative educational concepts with enjoyable games, activities, and play. This faith-based immersive approach creates a vibrant experience, ensuring your child receives the best, affordable care and education.
An Affordable, Fun, Faith-Based Center Where Every Child Shines
Warm, Family-Owned Care In A Loving Environment

Warm, Family-Owned Care In A Loving Environment

We pride ourselves on being an educational setting that reflects the love and nurturing of home. Led by a family-owned team, our devoted teachers prioritize affection, cuddles, and personalized attention. Your child shines as they feel secure and comfortable learning and growing with peers.

Watch Your Child Shine As We Build A Bright Future Together!